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Almon-Anatot, Israel 

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, 1923. 4th consecutive generation to be born in Israel.
Military service:
In 1945 I joined the ‘Hagana’ (a military organization, whose name means ‘Defense’). Late in 1947, with the first attacks of the Arabs against the Jews I joined the fighters, serving as a medic for 3 years (mostly as a battalion chief medic).
After the military service I studied at a teachers seminar and worked as a qualified teacher and was the headmaster of a school, which I established, for immigrant children in ‘Talpiot’ transit camp, Jerusalem (known as ma'abarot).
I worked in education for 4 years and, at the same time, began my studies in Economics and The Middle-East at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
During my studies and afterwards I worked in various clerical and marketing jobs until 1988, the year I retired.
In 1966 I married Arina and had 2 children, Leor, b. 1967 and Amir, b. 1969. Arina worked as a teacher and a headmaster of an elementary school. The good life I had with Arina (of blessed memory) was cut off with her death, following a malignant disease.
At the beginning of the year 2000 I met Bela, who was born in Riga, Latvia to the Kiel family, a mother to Michael of kindergarten age and Daniel who was then in high school. Bella works at  Yad Vashem. Two daughters were born to us, Sarili in December 2000 and Nili in April 2002.
In my connection with Bela there was an excellent chemistry and very quickly, in addition to being my wife, she turned to be my partner and my supporter in the mission instilled in the creative work to which I have dedicated myself, that is to contibute and to strengthen the Jewish-National identity.
Art and creation:
1973-1980: I studied at a copper and silver goldsmith and took wood carving classes.
1981: I started painting to express my ideas. That is why the niche I chose has a Jewish national character.
My first works were realistic paintings made using a painting knife.
1982-1986: Supplementary courses in painting by the painter Eli Niago.
1996: Sculpture classes by sculptor Pesach Palit.
My sculptures are in a modern-symbolic-abstract genre.
Several paintings were displayed in Gerard Bahar and in the International Conference Center Binyanei Ha'uma, Jerusalem and in the USA.
Sculptures were displayed in the “Culture Center”, in Jerusalem.
Artistic approach:
The general approach is National-Zionist, emphasizing motifs from the Bible and the Jewish history throughout the ages.
Artistic genre:
The painting style is free from the realistic to the abstract-symbolic, a part or combined.
In September 23rd, 2002 we opened a MUSEUM - GALLERY - THE BIBLICAL MESSAGE, in Almon-Anatot (near Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood in Jerusalem), where my works are displayed.
The museum is open for the audience, submitted to telephone coordination 02-5860633.